Orange Crush Cocktail

Finally I get around to writing about this drink, which I feel is entirely apropos this year of 2020 since #1 It has lots of Vitamin C and fresh orange juice (Oranges have been a BIG seller in the Pandemic) #2 It has alcohol (Alcohol has been a BIG seller in the Pandemic) and #3Continue reading “Orange Crush Cocktail”

Be Italian

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey. Mammas and the Pappas I voted early. I’d requested a mail-in ballot but decided it was best to drive it to Pinecrest Gardens, in the pouring rain last Wednesday, and hand-deliver it to a person who put it in the ballot box. They check yourContinue reading “Be Italian”

Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive!

“Just go ahead and go.” I love this line from Jerry Mcguire, that Dorothy’s young son says as they’re dropping Jerry off at the airport. “Just go ahead and go.” His Dad died, he’s dealt with abandonment, his Mom’s getting involved with Jerry, he’s getting attached to this new guy and he uses this phraseContinue reading “Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive!”

Gather Ye Rosebuds…

We walked by a jewelry store in Annapolis, Maryland and there was a sign in the window saying “Life is still happening. People are getting engaged, celebrating anniversaries and graduations.” I’m not sure exactly what the wording was but the point was, that even in the midst of COVID and shut-downs, life goes on andContinue reading “Gather Ye Rosebuds…”

Pork Rinds and Bacon

“Dad, stop trying to pawn off your sausages on me,” said Lauren, at her Farewell dinner. We all agreed that did not sound right, but we were having Shrimp and Grits (Lauren’s request) for dinner, with blistered cherry tomatoes, sautéed spinach and failed Sour Dough Bread. It was the third and last time I attemptedContinue reading “Pork Rinds and Bacon”

Red, White and Blue

Well, the best news last week is the Hurricane Isaias didn’t hit South Florida, because it seems if there was ever a year for it to happen, it would’ve been 2020. Of course, Hurricane Season isn’t over yet, but the thought of a major hurricane hitting us now, with people having to cram into sheltersContinue reading “Red, White and Blue”

This is So 2020

If 2020 was a VHS tape, I’d like to press the rewind button to January. What could we have done differently to prevent this whole fiasco? Plenty, methinks. I have heard so many people who THINK they already had the virus in January or February, even though they weren’t tested, because it was before COVIDContinue reading “This is So 2020”

Wednesday’s Child

I’ve diagnosed myself with an unfortunate condition. It’s called Doomscrolling. While, I didn’t used to be a cell phone addict- often (unlike my American Express card) I would leave home without it- lately, I’m constantly on it, reading all sorts of Bad News. Of course, there’s the latest coronavirus stats- 62, 198 new cases onContinue reading “Wednesday’s Child”

Mama Mia (here we go again!)

It seems as if restaurants in Miami just opened, but now, due to the soaring rise of COVID cases, Mayor Gimenez has closed restaurants, along with gyms, fitness centers and short-term rentals. He’s doing it to ensure hospitals don’t get filled to capacity. Apparently the Covid culprits are 18 to 34 year olds partying, withoutContinue reading “Mama Mia (here we go again!)”

Stay Safe Out There!

Under Pressure David Bowie “I’m counting on you Bop!” Wyatt said to Zeke, who was attempting to put together a complicated Lego’s Avengers vehicle with a 167 little pieces. “I’m trying Buddy!” Zeke answered. When Wyatt handed me the box, I said “Gigi does not do Legos,” so he went to Bop and asked himContinue reading “Stay Safe Out There!”