Mom’s Baked Beans

To say this is a Family Favorite is an understatement. It has made an appearance at every Fourth of July Party and other Barbeque at my parent’s house and then, at their children’s homes as well. It’s a very easy recipe. If you can open a can of beans, chop and stir, you can makeContinue reading “Mom’s Baked Beans”

Southern Comfort and Elvis

Tuesday was the First day of Summer, although in Miami, it’s felt like summer for a while. I took photos of my garden, which I try to do at the beginning of each season. While my tomatoes are gone, as well as most of my herbs, I do still have pepper plants (Jalapeno, Serrano andContinue reading “Southern Comfort and Elvis”

#bestdayever (on ‘Bout Time)

I hope everyone had a relaxing and memorable Father’s Day. I tried to relieve Zeke of some of the cooking duties, so had pre-seasoned the filet and T-Bone steaks the night before with Ina’s Spicy Coffee Rub. The longer they stay in the rub, the tastier they are. I made Green Goddess Twice-Baked Potato earlierContinue reading “#bestdayever (on ‘Bout Time)”

The Jennifer Aniston Salad

This is the salad, that according to legend Courtney Cox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) and Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) ate on the set of Friends EVERY DAY for 10 years straight! As the story goes, Aniston invented it and they all enjoyed it. I tried this Mediterranean– inspired salad the other day; it was delicious andContinue reading “The Jennifer Aniston Salad”

Spicy Coffee Rub

I was going to post Jennifer Aniston’s Salad today (and I will) but I totally thought reader’s minds may be on Father’s Day, so I’m going to give you an easy Spicy Coffee Steak Rub instead. Whenever I think of what to cook for Father’s Day, my mind goes to steak, one of Zeke’s favoriteContinue reading “Spicy Coffee Rub”

A Week of Celebrations

This was a week of many celebrations! First, Zeke and I celebrated 18 years of marriage on June 5th. This officially puts us past the mark of my first 17-year marriage, so Zeke can breathe a sigh of relief. We drove down to the Keys on a sunny Sunday, grateful for sunshine after a weekContinue reading “A Week of Celebrations”

It was a Foodie in Miami Week!

Last week was a big day for Foodies in Miami! On Thursday, the Miami Herald featured a Guide to Miami’s Newest Restaurants on the front page. The Herald has changed its formatting to feature one story on the front page, which they then go in depth on in the rest of the A section. Usually,Continue reading “It was a Foodie in Miami Week!”

A Simple Stock

Last Saturday I was trying to figure out my Wordle puzzle. I had one letter left of ROTH and Zeke said B for Broth, a good guess. I tried it and it was wrong. For the first time since I’ve started playing Wordle, I didn’t solve the puzzle and it gave me the correct answer,Continue reading “A Simple Stock”

It’s Raining Again

Oh, it’s raining again. Oh no, my loves at an end. Oh no, it’s raining again, And you know it’s hard to pretend. Supertramp If you live in Miami, you know it rained constantly last week. We dodged it, trying to get our “free” hot dogs at Riviera on Monday for Memorial Day, without gettingContinue reading “It’s Raining Again”

Cilantro Lime Dressing

This dressing is in the Serve It Up! tennis cookbook, which I helped compile with Sharon WIlliams to raise funds for Autism research and the CARD center at U.M.. While it’s suggested in the cookbook to be served on a salad with greens, roasted corn, cherry tomatoes, shredded jack cheese and roasted red pepper (withContinue reading “Cilantro Lime Dressing”