Stay Safe Out There!

Under Pressure David Bowie “I’m counting on you Bop!” Wyatt said to Zeke, who was attempting to put together a complicated Lego’s Avengers vehicle with a 167 little pieces. “I’m trying Buddy!” Zeke answered. When Wyatt handed me the box, I said “Gigi does not do Legos,” so he went to Bop and asked himContinue reading “Stay Safe Out There!”

Entertaining Safely During a Pandemic

I usually have some kind of a freak-out before any dinner party I host. While I love entertaining and try to be very organized, inevitably some minor catastrophe happens at the last minute. The garbage disposal backs up, I’m out of ice, or my first Book Club meeting at my house, I realize the packageContinue reading “Entertaining Safely During a Pandemic”