Mama Mia (here we go again!)

It seems as if restaurants in Miami just opened, but now, due to the soaring rise of COVID cases, Mayor Gimenez has closed restaurants, along with gyms, fitness centers and short-term rentals. He’s doing it to ensure hospitals don’t get filled to capacity. Apparently the Covid culprits are 18 to 34 year olds partying, withoutContinue reading “Mama Mia (here we go again!)”

Care and Feeding of a Mask

You know how when you lose one sense, like your sight, other senses become sharper? I feel like the opposite happens to me when I put on a mask. I can’t see well, can’t smell, obviously can’t taste, feel or even walk properly. I feel awkward, clumsy, out of sorts, barely able to function orContinue reading “Care and Feeding of a Mask”