Herb Cooking Class

Our Pinecrest Garden Club had a Zoom meeting last week that I actually looked forward to. One of our members- Theresa Gilmore– conducted a cooking class called Cooking with Herbs. Theresa is a certified acupuncturist and homeopath who was excited to teach us how herbs can create tasty recipes AND improve our health. I wentContinue reading “Herb Cooking Class”

Wednesday’s Child

I’ve diagnosed myself with an unfortunate condition. It’s called Doomscrolling. While, I didn’t used to be a cell phone addict- often (unlike my American Express card) I would leave home without it- lately, I’m constantly on it, reading all sorts of Bad News. Of course, there’s the latest coronavirus stats- 62, 198 new cases onContinue reading “Wednesday’s Child”

Fear and Loathing in Miami

I woke up with a slight headache and sore throat the other day. My first thought was “What if it’s…?” YOU KNOW WHAT, as I reviewed the risks I’d taken the week before. Because, I more than dipped a little toe in last week; I went to three restaurants and had my hair blow driedContinue reading “Fear and Loathing in Miami”