Bittersweet Days

I’m thinking love Love, love, love More sweet than bitter. Bittersweet by Big Head Todd and the Monsters So I finished Atlas of the Heart, the new book by Brene Brown about the eighty-seven emotions humans experience and how they effect our lives. I related to a lot of the passages, but was especially movedContinue reading “Bittersweet Days”

Gather Ye Rosebuds…

We walked by a jewelry store in Annapolis, Maryland and there was a sign in the window saying “Life is still happening. People are getting engaged, celebrating anniversaries and graduations.” I’m not sure exactly what the wording was but the point was, that even in the midst of COVID and shut-downs, life goes on andContinue reading “Gather Ye Rosebuds…”

Of Masks and Men

Fashion Statements I asked my friend Martha, who is a social Cuban butterfly, how she was holding up in the pandemic. “Oh, I change from one mumu to another every day,” she said. She really misses having dinner parties, socializing, going shopping and out to lunch. Martha is kind of famous for her mumus, whichContinue reading “Of Masks and Men”