And Just Like That…

Zeke’s good friends Doug and Heidi have moved to their new home in Alabama. Roll Tide! They won’t be back to the Keys until after Thanksgiving. And, just as I predicted, friends Brooks and Sharon found a house they love in Central Florida. They’ll close on it later this month and will be moving outContinue reading “And Just Like That…”

January’s Bustin’ Out All Over!

Our place in the Keys is rented for three months, but our boat ‘Bout Time was due for it’s 20 hour service at Unique Marine, so after debating how to get the boat there, Zeke reserved a truck with a hitch at the U Haul in Key Largo. Unique Marine could do it but theyContinue reading “January’s Bustin’ Out All Over!”

Red, White and Blue

Well, the best news last week is the Hurricane Isaias didn’t hit South Florida, because it seems if there was ever a year for it to happen, it would’ve been 2020. Of course, Hurricane Season isn’t over yet, but the thought of a major hurricane hitting us now, with people having to cram into sheltersContinue reading “Red, White and Blue”