The Best Crab Cakes

On our Road Trip last August, my husband Zeke and I were on the quest to find THE BEST CRAB CAKES in Maryland. We found them at World Famous Faidley’s in Lexington Market in Baltimore. Zeke loved them so much that he found the recipe online ( and made them for me in the Keys.Continue reading “The Best Crab Cakes”

Orange Crush Cocktail

Finally I get around to writing about this drink, which I feel is entirely apropos this year of 2020 since #1 It has lots of Vitamin C and fresh orange juice (Oranges have been a BIG seller in the Pandemic) #2 It has alcohol (Alcohol has been a BIG seller in the Pandemic) and #3Continue reading “Orange Crush Cocktail”

On Harmony Road

“Take a right on Compromise Street,” Waze instructed when we arrived in Annapolis, Maryland. For some reason, this cracked me up. “That’s the story of every marriage,” I said to Zeke, who was driving, as I navigated. “Maybe if Bill had compromised more, you’d still be married,” he said. Who knows? My first marriage wasn’tContinue reading “On Harmony Road”