This is So 2020

If 2020 was a VHS tape, I’d like to press the rewind button to January. What could we have done differently to prevent this whole fiasco? Plenty, methinks. I have heard so many people who THINK they already had the virus in January or February, even though they weren’t tested, because it was before COVIDContinue reading “This is So 2020”

Spring Meals to Savor

Here are two recipes sure to please diners this Spring. Yes, it is still Spring, believe it or not, although in Miami, Summer seems to have arrived. This a dinner I made a couple weeks ago, when Stone Crabs were still in season, but other crabmeat can be substituted. Crabmeat is an overlooked protein andContinue reading “Spring Meals to Savor”

Of Masks and Men

Fashion Statements I asked my friend Martha, who is a social Cuban butterfly, how she was holding up in the pandemic. “Oh, I change from one mumu to another every day,” she said. She really misses having dinner parties, socializing, going shopping and out to lunch. Martha is kind of famous for her mumus, whichContinue reading “Of Masks and Men”