In Good Company

So for two years, I avoided it like the plague. I washed my hands for 20 seconds, stayed six feet apart from my fellow man, hand sanitized my hands raw, wiped down groceries, sprayed disinfectant on the mail, Instacarted groceries, Amazoned everything, had shoe washing stations outside my front door, wiped down all surfaces withContinue reading “In Good Company”

Never Have I Ever

Wished I was older than I do right now. Three years and nine elusive months older and I would be eligible for the life-saving, virus-busting, normality-restoring coronavirus vaccine. For those of us who used to ask “What did you do this weekend?” by the non-existent water cooler (Answer these days, btw: “Nothing”), the big questionContinue reading “Never Have I Ever”

Wednesday’s Child

I’ve diagnosed myself with an unfortunate condition. It’s called Doomscrolling. While, I didn’t used to be a cell phone addict- often (unlike my American Express card) I would leave home without it- lately, I’m constantly on it, reading all sorts of Bad News. Of course, there’s the latest coronavirus stats- 62, 198 new cases onContinue reading “Wednesday’s Child”

I’ve Seen Fire and I’ve Seen Rain

Our roof is still leaking. The contractor thought he’d found the problem with the leak in the dining room and said it was an easy fix, until… it kept raining, kept leaking and it’s actually not fixed at all. We were worried it might have happened when we got a deck installed over the roofContinue reading “I’ve Seen Fire and I’ve Seen Rain”

Keep On Swimming

“Baby, baby, baby, You’re Out of Time.” Rolling Stones Farewell Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and, more than likely, the zaftig and glistening Mrs. Butterworth. You had a good run, but frankly, I’m actually surprised you’ve lasted this long. Also banished from butter (and other dairy products) is the Land ‘O Lakes lass and I believeContinue reading “Keep On Swimming”

Fear and Loathing in Miami

I woke up with a slight headache and sore throat the other day. My first thought was “What if it’s…?” YOU KNOW WHAT, as I reviewed the risks I’d taken the week before. Because, I more than dipped a little toe in last week; I went to three restaurants and had my hair blow driedContinue reading “Fear and Loathing in Miami”

When it Rains, It Pours

It started with my car. After driving home from the Keys in the rain, my bags in the trunk felt a bit damp. As I opened up the trunk to see what was going on, I was greeted with a good inch of water inside. I pulled out tons of ruined Bed, Bath and BeyondContinue reading “When it Rains, It Pours”

How to Grocery Shop Safely

#1 Know Your Store. I think this is the most important bit of advice, should you choose to grocery shop and not Instacart. I’ve been venturing out more lately and some people (like my friend Sherida) like to shop themselves. So “my” Publix on Monza is super-small and the aisles are tiny, so I doContinue reading “How to Grocery Shop Safely”

Muy Easy Cinco de Mayo Meal

When I asked Mexican friends about Cinco de Mayo, they told me Cinco de Mayo isn’t a big holiday in Mexico. Mexico’s Independence Day is celebrated on September 16th and this is the day people in Mexico have big celebrations. They told me Cinco de Mayo was an invention of the Corona Beer Company toContinue reading “Muy Easy Cinco de Mayo Meal”

Of Masks and Men

Fashion Statements I asked my friend Martha, who is a social Cuban butterfly, how she was holding up in the pandemic. “Oh, I change from one mumu to another every day,” she said. She really misses having dinner parties, socializing, going shopping and out to lunch. Martha is kind of famous for her mumus, whichContinue reading “Of Masks and Men”