Speakeasies, Secret Bars and Rooftops- Oh my! Food Trends 2023

So, a new year is upon us which means it’s time for Foodie in Miami to look into her crystal ball and decide what new Food Trends are happening in 2023. Without further ado… I got an Ooni pizza oven for Christmas, as did my niece’s husband Tug, but it’s not just us! Ooni’s revenueContinue reading “Speakeasies, Secret Bars and Rooftops- Oh my! Food Trends 2023”

This is So 2020

If 2020 was a VHS tape, I’d like to press the rewind button to January. What could we have done differently to prevent this whole fiasco? Plenty, methinks. I have heard so many people who THINK they already had the virus in January or February, even though they weren’t tested, because it was before COVIDContinue reading “This is So 2020”

Foods to Kung Foo Viruses

“Everybody was Kung Foo fighting…” Carl Douglas When my family owned a nursing home, there was one patient, an elderly woman, who would sit in the sun every day in her little bikini to get “her Vitamin D”. Turns out Vitamin D helps fight viruses, so she was on to something! While we sit aroundContinue reading “Foods to Kung Foo Viruses”