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Food Trends for 2024

Let’s just dive right into it… Protein.                                    If there’s one trend that’s flaming Cheeto hot right now, it’s protein. Every day in my inbox are new articles about protein- How to get more, High Protein Snacks, Signs of Protein Deficiency, etc… Protein supports muscles, fuels the brain and keeps the

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This is So 2020

If 2020 was a VHS tape, I’d like to press the rewind button to January. What could we have done differently to prevent this whole fiasco? Plenty, methinks. I have heard so many people who THINK they already had the virus in January or February, even though they weren’t tested,

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Foods to Kung Foo Viruses

“Everybody was Kung Foo fighting…” Carl Douglas When my family owned a nursing home, there was one patient, an elderly woman, who would sit in the sun every day in her little bikini to get “her Vitamin D”. Turns out Vitamin D helps fight viruses, so she was on to

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About Gina Guilford

A former Air Florida flight attendant and daughter of a pilot, I love traveling, cooking and entertaining. Whether exploring Miami’s newest hot spots, visiting old favorites or discovering hidden gems, I’m always up for an eating adventure. My Foodie in Miami website shares personal essays, recipes, restaurant news and reviews, as well as views from my tropical garden.

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