Ways to be Happy, Part One

I’ve always gobbled up articles on ways to be happy and so I read, with interest, an article in the Sunday Miami Herald– Try One of These Suggestions to make you SMILE. I made a note of the ones I thought I could easily accomplish- drink peppermint tea, go outside, color in a coloring book,Continue reading “Ways to be Happy, Part One”

Stone Cold Crabs

So, the most wonderful time of the year in South Florida is upon us! No, not the December Holidays, but the October to May season of Stone Crabs, those lovely, sweet-fleshed crustaceans that cost a fortune. Joe Weiss, of Joe’s Stone Crab, was the person in Miami Beach who discovered that stone crabs were notContinue reading “Stone Cold Crabs”

Of Masks and Men

Fashion Statements I asked my friend Martha, who is a social Cuban butterfly, how she was holding up in the pandemic. “Oh, I change from one mumu to another every day,” she said. She really misses having dinner parties, socializing, going shopping and out to lunch. Martha is kind of famous for her mumus, whichContinue reading “Of Masks and Men”