Easy Minestrone Soup

I love to make a pot of soup on Monday. It will be dinner that night, then lunch and snacks throughout the week. If I make a Vegetarian Soup, even better, because it fits in with Meatless Mondays. This Classic Minestrone Soup from the Cookie and Kate website, fits the bill perfectly. It also allowsContinue reading “Easy Minestrone Soup”

The Days of Food and Wine

When I was first married, back in the ’80’s, I was a bored stay-at-home Mom, with three small children at home. I started watching cooking shows, like the Frugal Gourmet, and was an avid reader of Bon Appetit magazine, which my husband brought home from his Dad’s advertising agency, Ryder & Schild. I think ofContinue reading “The Days of Food and Wine”