Easy Girl’s Weekend

(I realize this title could taken a couple ways. It’s not that we’re easy girls, it’s about how easy my last girl’s weekend was to plan and execute.) I recently had my 3rd Girl’s Weekend at my condo in the Sanctuary in Key Largo with my sisters Kelley and Elise and our childhood friend ChrissyContinue reading “Easy Girl’s Weekend”

Damn you Lion’s Gate!

I ain’t as young as I once was. I’ve got a few years on me now. But there was time, when I was in my prime, that I could really lay it down. Toby Keith So at the end of July, according to the Astro Twins, three planets changed Zodiac signs, causing major upheaval. InContinue reading “Damn you Lion’s Gate!”

What’s Been Hot in 2020

So Tami sent me the Top Googled Recipe Searches of 2020. Here they are: Sourdough Bread Whipped Coffee Disney Churro Dole Whip DoubleTree cookie Ikea meatball Chaffle Hamburger Bun Egg Salad Sandwich Healthy Banana Bread I’m definitely on-trend with number one, which was probably the one I Googled most this year, although it didn’t helpContinue reading “What’s Been Hot in 2020”

Moving Forward

What a week! Between the looming storm, the undecided Presidential Election and the still-raging Pandemic, it was a real nail-biter (and wine-drinker). So, the night before the election, after a dinner of sautéed bay scallops and pureed cauliflower, Zeke and I sat in the family room, drinking Macon Verze Chardonnay from Trader Joe’s (really goodContinue reading “Moving Forward”

Balsamic Brown Butter Ravioli

If I had to pick my favorite pasta, it would have to be filled pasta, whether ravioli, tortellini or agnolotti. This is probably some kind of sacrilege to my Italian heritage, as I never remember eating any of these at my Nanny’s house for Spaghetti Sunday’s, but there you have it. Apparently I’m an ItalianContinue reading “Balsamic Brown Butter Ravioli”

License to Eat Junk

Sunny Hostin said on The View yesterday, “Well, I ate a whole bag of Funyuns.” “Why are you eating Funyuns, Sunny?” Whoopi, speaking from the social distance of her own home, asked. “I love Funyuns,” Sunny answered, shrugging. Apparently Whoopi was dismayed because she hasn’t been able to find her favorite brand of potato chipsContinue reading “License to Eat Junk”