Christmastime is Here

My favorite Christmas T.V. Show is Charlie Brown’s Christmas. I think I like it because it explores how Christmas isn’t always merry and bright, but sometime sad and lonely. Anyway, this Holiday season I’ve experienced a bad case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). It’s ironic, because in a normal year if an event getsContinue reading “Christmastime is Here”

Santa Baby, please end 2020*!

I had my last tennis match of the Fall season Monday morning. It was hard to focus, because all I could think about was Courtney and my son Chris and the impending birth of their son Liam. He came that night, rosy and pink, but there were problems with his blood sugar, so they hadContinue reading “Santa Baby, please end 2020*!”

Fear and Loathing in Miami

I woke up with a slight headache and sore throat the other day. My first thought was “What if it’s…?” YOU KNOW WHAT, as I reviewed the risks I’d taken the week before. Because, I more than dipped a little toe in last week; I went to three restaurants and had my hair blow driedContinue reading “Fear and Loathing in Miami”