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Thanksgiving 2020

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Turkey, turkey, brisket.

Well, the big Turkey Feast Day is over! Ours was very low-key, lovely and small, at two tables eaten outside under the beautiful Miami sky. Zeke and I got the 17 pound bird in the oven around 9:30, then toasted ourselves with mimosas with fresh-squeezed orange juice, as we watched

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The Perfect Recipe for Thanksgiving Leftovers

What to do with all the Thanksgiving leftovers, especially this year of 2020 when most of us had less people around the Thanksgiving table? First, of course, is the requisite turkey sandwich, made with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and, from my childhood, Miracle Whip. It’s basically the only time I

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Pass the Gravy, Hold the COVID

To pumpkin pie or not, that is the question. Every year (lately) I make a pumpkin pie. Every year it has one slice missing from it (me). I may sneak a couple more slices out of it over the next few days, but I’m the only one who eats it.

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About Gina Guilford

A former Air Florida flight attendant and daughter of a pilot, I love traveling, cooking and entertaining. Whether exploring Miami’s newest hot spots, visiting old favorites or discovering hidden gems, I’m always up for an eating adventure. My Foodie in Miami website shares personal essays, recipes, restaurant news and reviews, as well as views from my tropical garden.

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