We’re Back!

Fresh back from a 10-day Road Trip, I’m here to report that the United States is open and ready for travel! I visited North Carolina, Nashville, Tennessee, Louisville, Kentucky, with a short jaunt into Cincinnati, Ohio. Places were packed! Tourists spots, hotels and restaurants are booming with business in our good ole U S ofContinue reading “We’re Back!”

Creamy Chicken and Grits Casserole

Rotisserie Chicken from the grocery store is the Empty Nester’s best friend. It’s easy, cheap and delicious. Publix sells many varieties- Lemon Pepper, Mojo, Barbecue and, last time I bought one, Peruvian style for $7.99. While the chicken is delicious simply reheated and served with sides- like Stovetop stuffing and green beans- after one mealContinue reading “Creamy Chicken and Grits Casserole”

Banana Pudding Ice Cream

Courtney, my daughter-in-law, is not much of a sweets person, but she did serve her Mom’s banana pudding at her wedding to my son Christopher last November. Because of this, I thought Banana Pudding Ice Cream would be the perfect accompaniment to the chocolate and vanilla cake I served at her baby shower. I couldn’tContinue reading “Banana Pudding Ice Cream”