What’s Been Hot in 2020

So Tami sent me the Top Googled Recipe Searches of 2020. Here they are: Sourdough Bread Whipped Coffee Disney Churro Dole Whip DoubleTree cookie Ikea meatball Chaffle Hamburger Bun Egg Salad Sandwich Healthy Banana Bread I’m definitely on-trend with number one, which was probably the one I Googled most this year, although it didn’t helpContinue reading “What’s Been Hot in 2020”

Keep On Swimming

“Baby, baby, baby, You’re Out of Time.” Rolling Stones Farewell Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and, more than likely, the zaftig and glistening Mrs. Butterworth. You had a good run, but frankly, I’m actually surprised you’ve lasted this long. Also banished from butter (and other dairy products) is the Land ‘O Lakes lass and I believeContinue reading “Keep On Swimming”