Oyster Stew for Two

If you happen to find yourself with an excess of fresh oysters, as we did recently, you might want to consider making this easy Oyster Stew. We’d had the oysters raw on the half-shell and grilled with garlic butter and cheese, but I still had a couple dozen left, so what to do? I turnedContinue reading “Oyster Stew for Two”

Spicy Pumpkin Soup

It’s Pumpkin Season! I love pumpkin, in all forms- coffee, ice cream, muffins, bread and for the first time ever, actually bought an edible pumpkin at Trader Joe’s I’m going to bake tonight. I’m serving it with Grilled Chicken Sausage and a Kale Salad dressed with a lemon vinaigrette, pickled red onions and pumpkin seeds.Continue reading “Spicy Pumpkin Soup”

Seven Degrees of COVID Bacon

Well we did it! After years of dreaming, scheming, researching and longing, we finally bit the bullet and bought a boat! A brand new boat, at that- just out of it’s cute, white wrappers. She’s 24 feet long, weighs 4,800 pounds, is seafoam green, powered by twin 150 Yamahas, surname Robalo, nickname ‘Bout Time! Hasn’tContinue reading “Seven Degrees of COVID Bacon”

Spring Meals to Savor

Here are two recipes sure to please diners this Spring. Yes, it is still Spring, believe it or not, although in Miami, Summer seems to have arrived. This a dinner I made a couple weeks ago, when Stone Crabs were still in season, but other crabmeat can be substituted. Crabmeat is an overlooked protein andContinue reading “Spring Meals to Savor”

Multicolored Eggs and Ham

Ham, ham, ham. It started at Easter dinner, became a ham and biscuit affair for breakfast, a grilled ham and cheese sandwich for lunch and served as the basis for the split pea soup I made. Split pea soup is my favorite soup, because it was my grandmother’s favorite soup and also reminds me ofContinue reading “Multicolored Eggs and Ham”