Amazingly Tender Brisket

This was the Brisket recipe we had at my sister Kelley’s house for Rosh Hashanah dinner. She started the process days ahead in order to cool it and scrape the fat off the top; she then actually froze it and reheated it. It is not a difficult recipe by any means, but it is labor-intensiveContinue reading “Amazingly Tender Brisket”

I Ain’t no Challah Bread Girl (but my sister is)

So, I’ve always wanted to be invited to a Jewish Meal, as I’ve heard it’s customary to invite a Gentile (non-Jew) to join as part of the tradition, but I had never been asked. That is, until this year, when I was invited to Rosh Hashanah by my sister Kelley Schild, aka anewjew on Instagram.Continue reading “I Ain’t no Challah Bread Girl (but my sister is)”