No Spring Chicken

So we had a great time visiting our friends Brooks and Sharon in The Villages, a 55+ community. We left them early Sunday, in order to get home to do Yard Work (Zeke) and to watch The Academy Awards and Pre-Pre Shows (me). I’ve always loved movies and as someone who got their Masters inContinue reading “No Spring Chicken”

Wicked Good Eats at Quincy Market

We landed in Boston on our way to Maine, so we decided to try some culinary treats at Quincy Market. Quincy Market is known as a Tourist Trap, and I guess it is. It was refurbished by the same group that did Bayside in Miami, but I had fond memories of visiting there when IContinue reading “Wicked Good Eats at Quincy Market”

Resy Drive-Thru Event

After hours on the phone with a very nice American Express concierge (Nicole), I was able to score reservations to this unique, drive-thru event, held on March 18th in Downtown Miami. Ten of the best chefs in Miami prepared small dishes to sample, in the safety and comfort of your own car. We arrived onContinue reading “Resy Drive-Thru Event”