Ready for Green Lights!

Last week was kind of a s**t show for me, full of missed communications and technical difficulties and it wasn’t even Mercury Retrograde! Monday I waited around for ADT ALL DAY. They were supposed to come between 1 and 5 and, at 6 p.m., I called ADT to cancel. I told them the technician hadContinue reading “Ready for Green Lights!”

Aunt Josie’s Pickled Eggplant

My Aunt Josie used to tell a story about the first time she went to Italy to visit her cousins. They had been communicating via telephone (my Aunt Emma could speak Italian) but had never met. So Josie (and I’m assuming the other sisters) flew to Rome to visit. At the airport, they searched forContinue reading “Aunt Josie’s Pickled Eggplant”