Food Trends 2022 (second 1/2)

These are Food Trends I’ve noticed happening in the second half of 2022. My observations come from eating out, following Social Media posts and reading food articles and newsletters. In particular, there was an article in the NYT Food section about The Fancy Food Show held in New York recently, which alerts forecasters to upcomingContinue reading “Food Trends 2022 (second 1/2)”

New York Times Most-Loved Recipes of 2021

So, this is a little late but the New York Time’s Food Section published “The Year’s Most-Loved Recipes” in December of 2021. They publish this every year and since there’s no way I could try ALL the recipes they publish in the Food section (which Zeke picks up for me on Wednesdays), this end-of-the-year listContinue reading “New York Times Most-Loved Recipes of 2021”

Christmastime is Here

My favorite Christmas T.V. Show is Charlie Brown’s Christmas. I think I like it because it explores how Christmas isn’t always merry and bright, but sometime sad and lonely. Anyway, this Holiday season I’ve experienced a bad case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). It’s ironic, because in a normal year if an event getsContinue reading “Christmastime is Here”