Happy Fourth of July!

4000 weeks. That’s the book Jeff Bridges, one of my favorite actors, is reading and it’s the amount of time we have in our life if we live until 80. It seems like a lot and, then again, not enough. Today would have been my Dad’s 87th birthday. He died at 67. At the timeContinue reading “Happy Fourth of July!”

Easy Chicken Mole

I mentioned in my last Foodie in Miami post that mole is difficult to make, with a long list of ingredients, so when I made it recently, I just used mole out of a jar (Dona Maria.) That is true, but I did find a relatively easy Mole Recipe that is quite delicious, only takesContinue reading “Easy Chicken Mole”

Muy Easy Cinco de Mayo Meal

When I asked Mexican friends about Cinco de Mayo, they told me Cinco de Mayo isn’t a big holiday in Mexico. Mexico’s Independence Day is celebrated on September 16th and this is the day people in Mexico have big celebrations. They told me Cinco de Mayo was an invention of the Corona Beer Company toContinue reading “Muy Easy Cinco de Mayo Meal”

Diary of a Mad Housewife

Day 21 in captivity- I consider the beginning of this strange, trapped-at-home situation to be the Monday before the state of Florida shut down all the restaurants (March 16th), because that’s when s**t really started hitting the fan. This week has been called the “Pearl Harbor” of our generation by the U.S. surgeon general, forContinue reading “Diary of a Mad Housewife”