Easy Girl’s Weekend

(I realize this title could taken a couple ways. It’s not that we’re easy girls, it’s about how easy my last girl’s weekend was to plan and execute.) I recently had my 3rd Girl’s Weekend at my condo in the Sanctuary in Key Largo with my sisters Kelley and Elise and our childhood friend ChrissyContinue reading “Easy Girl’s Weekend”

Let It Go!

When I was a freshman at F.S.U., I was on the way to a Football Game in the Fall. My date and I stopped by a store to get something to drink (I believe it was Mad Dog wine-yuk!) and there was an older woman there, dressed in her game day finest, who asked herContinue reading “Let It Go!”

January’s Bustin’ Out All Over!

Our place in the Keys is rented for three months, but our boat ‘Bout Time was due for it’s 20 hour service at Unique Marine, so after debating how to get the boat there, Zeke reserved a truck with a hitch at the U Haul in Key Largo. Unique Marine could do it but theyContinue reading “January’s Bustin’ Out All Over!”

Freeze Overnight

I played tennis last week for the first time in five months! My last time playing was a match in March against my old team at Dante Fascell, where my partner threw down her racket and said she quit because she refused to play with cheaters. We eventually resumed the match and ended up winning,Continue reading “Freeze Overnight”