Easy Girl’s Weekend

(I realize this title could taken a couple ways. It’s not that we’re easy girls, it’s about how easy my last girl’s weekend was to plan and execute.) I recently had my 3rd Girl’s Weekend at my condo in the Sanctuary in Key Largo with my sisters Kelley and Elise and our childhood friend ChrissyContinue reading “Easy Girl’s Weekend”

Endless Summer

Summer may be endless in Miami, but Miami Spice is not. There are three weeks left to get your Spice on and despite my best intentions (paving the way to hell) I’ve only been to ONE Miami Spice. That was Beauty & the Butcher in South Miami at the very beginning of August with friends.Continue reading “Endless Summer”

Wasting away in Coronaville

“I have been drunk now for over two weeks…” The line from the Jimmy Buffet song Margaritaville keeps ringing in my head. I haven’t been drunk for two weeks, but there’s definitely been some drinking going on at our house. Not that it helps. I wake up every day and it’s the same bad news-Continue reading “Wasting away in Coronaville”