Easy Minestrone Soup

I love to make a pot of soup on Monday. It will be dinner that night, then lunch and snacks throughout the week. If I make a Vegetarian Soup, even better, because it fits in with Meatless Mondays. This Classic Minestrone Soup from the Cookie and Kate website, fits the bill perfectly. It also allowsContinue reading “Easy Minestrone Soup”

License to Eat Junk

Sunny Hostin said on The View yesterday, “Well, I ate a whole bag of Funyuns.” “Why are you eating Funyuns, Sunny?” Whoopi, speaking from the social distance of her own home, asked. “I love Funyuns,” Sunny answered, shrugging. Apparently Whoopi was dismayed because she hasn’t been able to find her favorite brand of potato chipsContinue reading “License to Eat Junk”