Spicy Coffee Rub

I was going to post Jennifer Aniston’s Salad today (and I will) but I totally thought reader’s minds may be on Father’s Day, so I’m going to give you an easy Spicy Coffee Steak Rub instead. Whenever I think of what to cook for Father’s Day, my mind goes to steak, one of Zeke’s favoriteContinue reading “Spicy Coffee Rub”

Beef Bourguignon

With all the lovely cold weather we’ve been having, a post about Anthony Bourdain’s beloved Beef Bourguignon recipe caught my eye, but when I actually made it, I used Ina Garten’s recipe. Bourdain’s recipe actually looked simpler, but called for demi-glace, an ingredient I didn’t have, so I went with Ina, whose recipes are prettyContinue reading “Beef Bourguignon”

‘Bout Time!

We are officially “Empty Nesters.” When I started dating my husband Zeke, a widower with three little girls, I asked him “Why did you wait so long to have kids?” Emma, Rachel and Lauren were 4, 5 and 8 years old when I met him and he was 41. My kids- Brad, A.J. and ChrisContinue reading “‘Bout Time!”