Food Trends 2022 (second 1/2)

These are Food Trends I’ve noticed happening in the second half of 2022. My observations come from eating out, following Social Media posts and reading food articles and newsletters. In particular, there was an article in the NYT Food section about The Fancy Food Show held in New York recently, which alerts forecasters to upcomingContinue reading “Food Trends 2022 (second 1/2)”

Good to Go!

The question on everyone’s lips these days is: “Did you get the vaccine yet?” Now, luckily, I can answer “Yes!” I got my first Pfizer vaccine recently at CVS (actually located inside a Navarro, which is apparently owned by CVS) and it was very easy. I made the appointment online, Wazed my way there, parkedContinue reading “Good to Go!”

Seven Degrees of COVID Bacon

Well we did it! After years of dreaming, scheming, researching and longing, we finally bit the bullet and bought a boat! A brand new boat, at that- just out of it’s cute, white wrappers. She’s 24 feet long, weighs 4,800 pounds, is seafoam green, powered by twin 150 Yamahas, surname Robalo, nickname ‘Bout Time! Hasn’tContinue reading “Seven Degrees of COVID Bacon”