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Build a Better Breakfast

September is Better Breakfast Month, which makes sense with the start of a new school year. What’s the first thing you should eat when you wake up in the morning? Trick question, because you should reach for a glass of agua immediately upon rising to re-hydrate. I usually follow a

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Miami Food and Dining News

Well, lots to report in the Miami Dining scene. First of all, of course, it’s Miami Spice of course and will be until the end of September. I haven’t be able to make it to one, but finally ate at Zitz Sum with friends a couple weeks ago and really

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Vegan Fast Food

Fast Food and Vegan are not two words you usually see together. My sister Kelley was driving down to the Keys years ago with her daughter Kate and a friend of Kate’s, who was vegan. After stopping at three Fast Food restaurants on the road with no vegan options, they

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The Days of Food and Wine

When I was first married, back in the ’80’s, I was a bored stay-at-home Mom, with three small children at home. I started watching cooking shows, like the Frugal Gourmet, and was an avid reader of Bon Appetit magazine, which my husband brought home from his Dad’s advertising agency, Ryder

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About Gina Guilford

A former Air Florida flight attendant and daughter of a pilot, I love traveling, cooking and entertaining. Whether exploring Miami’s newest hot spots, visiting old favorites or discovering hidden gems, I’m always up for an eating adventure. My Foodie in Miami website shares personal essays, recipes, restaurant news and reviews, as well as views from my tropical garden.

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