That Sneaky Bunny!

Easter kind of snuck up on me this year! My husband and I took a quick trip to North Carolina to his family’s cabin in Waynesville. It’s not normally my favorite place to stay since “rustic” is a generous way to describe the accomodations. The ancient dishwasher from the forties needs to be hauled acrossContinue reading “That Sneaky Bunny!”

Groundhog Days

Well, life being locked down in this pandemic can definitely feel like Groundhog Day, doing the same thing- cleaning, laundry, walking- every day, but I really had a feeling of deja vu this week. A UF Journalism student came over the week before to film me for a project for her TV class project. HerContinue reading “Groundhog Days”

Multicolored Eggs and Ham

Ham, ham, ham. It started at Easter dinner, became a ham and biscuit affair for breakfast, a grilled ham and cheese sandwich for lunch and served as the basis for the split pea soup I made. Split pea soup is my favorite soup, because it was my grandmother’s favorite soup and also reminds me ofContinue reading “Multicolored Eggs and Ham”

This ‘aint a Three Hour Tour

The big news for me this week, is after almost a month stuck at home with family, I’m sick of cooking. No, like really! When Thursday rolled around and our take-out plans fell through, I almost cried. Mystery Thursday were supposed to be someone ELSE cooks, or we get take-out. We were going to getContinue reading “This ‘aint a Three Hour Tour”