No New Year’s Day

Well, it happened. The day I long dreaded, the day that A.J. and her family left to move to Saint Augustine, finally came two weeks ago. The day before they left, I watched Phoenix. A.J. came over and we walked Cosmo- Elise’s Frenchie- down the trail on 76 Street because he hadn’t wanted to goContinue reading “No New Year’s Day”

Ways to be Happy, Part One

I’ve always gobbled up articles on ways to be happy and so I read, with interest, an article in the Sunday Miami Herald– Try One of These Suggestions to make you SMILE. I made a note of the ones I thought I could easily accomplish- drink peppermint tea, go outside, color in a coloring book,Continue reading “Ways to be Happy, Part One”

This ‘aint a Three Hour Tour

The big news for me this week, is after almost a month stuck at home with family, I’m sick of cooking. No, like really! When Thursday rolled around and our take-out plans fell through, I almost cried. Mystery Thursday were supposed to be someone ELSE cooks, or we get take-out. We were going to getContinue reading “This ‘aint a Three Hour Tour”