Mom’s Baked Beans

To say this is a Family Favorite is an understatement. It has made an appearance at every Fourth of July Party and other Barbeque at my parent’s house and then, at their children’s homes as well. It’s a very easy recipe. If you can open a can of beans, chop and stir, you can makeContinue reading “Mom’s Baked Beans”

Aunt Josie’s Pickled Eggplant

My Aunt Josie used to tell a story about the first time she went to Italy to visit her cousins. They had been communicating via telephone (my Aunt Emma could speak Italian) but had never met. So Josie (and I’m assuming the other sisters) flew to Rome to visit. At the airport, they searched forContinue reading “Aunt Josie’s Pickled Eggplant”

Nanny’s Sausage Stuffing

Yes, I know Thanksgiving is over and this recipe would’ve been better having come before then, but my absolutely favorite part of all the food at Thanksgiving is the stuffing and it has to be my grandmother’s Sausage Stuffing. One year Zeke made his Dad’s Oyster Stuffing and I made my grandmother’s (who we calledContinue reading “Nanny’s Sausage Stuffing”

Amazingly Tender Brisket

This was the Brisket recipe we had at my sister Kelley’s house for Rosh Hashanah dinner. She started the process days ahead in order to cool it and scrape the fat off the top; she then actually froze it and reheated it. It is not a difficult recipe by any means, but it is labor-intensiveContinue reading “Amazingly Tender Brisket”