What to Order at TUR Kitchen for Miami Spice

I finally ate a Miami Spice meal! If you’re unaware, Miami Spice occurs for two months- August and September- when South Florida restaurants offer Pre-Fixe 3-course meals. For some restaurants, especially very pricey ones, Miami Spice is a great deal. For others, like my friend says: It’s just like getting a free dessert. After severalContinue reading “What to Order at TUR Kitchen for Miami Spice”

Christy’s Famous Caesar Salad

In the Best of Coral Gables in Coral Gables Magazine last year, the Christy’s Caesar Salad was mentioned as being a top-secret recipe that is a favorite of diners at this steakhouse. Balderdash! This recipe was printed, more than once I might add, in The Miami Herald’s Food Section back in the ’80’s. Caesar SaladContinue reading “Christy’s Famous Caesar Salad”