Cleaning Up, Clearing Out

We are renting our condo in Key Largo next year for three months, so, in the midst of Holiday preparations, we’ve also been getting our condo ready to rent. This gives us the opportunity to look at our condo with fresh eyes and see it as a renter would see. As such, we’ve gotten aContinue reading “Cleaning Up, Clearing Out”

Favorite Christmas Movies

My all-time favorite Animated Christmas Movie is Charlie Brown Christmas. That movie is my childhood, including the Hostess commercials in between, but here’s a list of are my favorite non-animated Christmas movies. I love watching one of these movies, while wrapping Christmas presents, thus multi-tasking through the holiday season. Every time a bell rings, anContinue reading “Favorite Christmas Movies”

Christmas Time is Here- 2021 Style! (God help us all)

Well, it’s certainly a different kind of Christmas, this year of 2021! I have friends, acquaintances and family members who have tested positive for Coronavirus (Omicron Holiday version!) lately, so Christmas, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve plans have all been scuttled and re-arranged. Nothing like a little Covid scare to keep one on one’sContinue reading “Christmas Time is Here- 2021 Style! (God help us all)”