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Well, I did it! I finally made it to my fiftieth state- Alaska– on May 19th, 2023. My group and I landed in Fairbanks on Friday afternoon, before heading to Denali National Forest on Saturday and Whittier on Sunday to embark on our 7 day cruise of the Inside Passage.

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Foodie in Miami Visits NYC

So, as mentioned in my previous post, the anniversary of our first date was February 7th. When Zeke proposed to me on Christmas Day in 2003, he invited me to New York on this date to go pick out the diamond for my engagement ring. The weather was freezing and

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Mango Almond Overnight Oats

The appeal of these Mango Almond Overnight Oats is they are made ahead, stuck in the fridge and ready to eat for breakfast the next morning. They are also a portable breakfast to take on-the-go, making them perfect for busy people who want to eat healthy. Mason jars with a

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Passionfruit Martini

I drank my first Passionfruit Martini at Jackie Rey’s Ohana Grill on the big island of Hawaii. It was rimmed with an orange-colored, slightly sour and sweet powder. I’d never tasted anything like it and couldn’t figure out what it was, but it gave the cocktail a unique flavor. What

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Best Meals in San Francisco

We just returned from our first time visiting Lauren in her new town of San Francisco. She moved there about a year ago for a great job and, while she’s been home several times, we hadn’t gotten out to the City by the Bay until now. We stayed at a

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Foodie in Hawaii

While visiting Hawaii, I kind of felt the eating style was a bit of a split personality. There was plenty of fresh seafood, fruit and vegetables to eat but also a lot of processed food like Spam, tater tots, macaroni salad and always, white rice. Even my healthy Spicy Poke

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About Gina Guilford

A former Air Florida flight attendant and daughter of a pilot, I love traveling, cooking and entertaining. Whether exploring Miami’s newest hot spots, visiting old favorites or discovering hidden gems, I’m always up for an eating adventure. My Foodie in Miami website shares personal essays, recipes, restaurant news and reviews, as well as views from my tropical garden.

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