Cheese Be Mine?

I think careful cooking is love, don’t you? The loveliest thing you can cook for someone who is close to you is about as nice a Valentine as you can give. Julia Child I was at Publix to do some shopping on a hectic day and grabbed some goat cheese for a recipe I wasContinue reading “Cheese Be Mine?”

Superbowl Buffalo Chicken Dip

So the big game is just around the corner. Who’s playing? Who cares! For me it’s all about the food and the commercials. Did you know that the Super Bowl is one of the highest calorie-consuming meals of the year? This recipe is not low-calorie, but it is a crowd-pleaser! My step-daughter Emma loves it.Continue reading “Superbowl Buffalo Chicken Dip”

Aunt Josie’s Pickled Eggplant

My Aunt Josie used to tell a story about the first time she went to Italy to visit her cousins. They had been communicating via telephone (my Aunt Emma could speak Italian) but had never met. So Josie (and I’m assuming the other sisters) flew to Rome to visit. At the airport, they searched forContinue reading “Aunt Josie’s Pickled Eggplant”

The Case of the Missing Detergent, the Tell Tale (Operation) Heart and Turn of the Screw

Something weird is going on with my Laundry Detergent lately. It seems like I’ve barely run to the store to buy a jug, when it’s mysteriously gone again. While I love my housekeeper Isa, she isn’t very good about writing down the cleaning supplies we need in the near future. This usually leads to meContinue reading “The Case of the Missing Detergent, the Tell Tale (Operation) Heart and Turn of the Screw”

Christy’s Famous Caesar Salad

In the Best of Coral Gables in Coral Gables Magazine last year, the Christy’s Caesar Salad was mentioned as being a top-secret recipe that is a favorite of diners at this steakhouse. Balderdash! This recipe was printed, more than once I might add, in The Miami Herald’s Food Section back in the ’80’s. Caesar SaladContinue reading “Christy’s Famous Caesar Salad”

Old News and New Visions

So, this is old news, but I finally got my new Mini Cooper Countryman. I ordered it in August and finally picked it up in December. It’s beautiful and Dana at the dealership told me: Everybody here’s in love with your car. Dana I though this was just a sales pitch (although the sale wasContinue reading “Old News and New Visions”

Food Trends 2022

What a couple of years we’ve had! I don’t think anyone’s crystal ball from 2019 would have predicted a Worldwide Pandemic, much less one that’s been going on for almost two years. The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected every single aspect of our lives and food, dining out, cooking and restaurant trends are no exception. SoContinue reading “Food Trends 2022”

Empower Farms

I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it. Pointer Sisters I got my first C.S.A. box from Empower Farms last week. What is a C.S.A., you might ask? It is Community Supported Agriculture that lets you receive boxes of fresh, high quality produce and eggs throughout the growing season of your area. In SouthContinue reading “Empower Farms”

The Ghost in the Machine

So the Appliance Gremlins have left us, but the Water Gremlins have appeared in 2022. While in a sound sleep last weekend in Key Largo, we heard a loud beeping sound that appeared to be a siren blaring, like something out of a World War I movie. At first we thought it was outside, thenContinue reading “The Ghost in the Machine”

Stone Cold Crabs

So, the most wonderful time of the year in South Florida is upon us! No, not the December Holidays, but the October to May season of Stone Crabs, those lovely, sweet-fleshed crustaceans that cost a fortune. Joe Weiss, of Joe’s Stone Crab, was the person in Miami Beach who discovered that stone crabs were notContinue reading “Stone Cold Crabs”