My Spring Garden

I like to photograph my little garden in each of the four seasons. Every year is different, every season is different and every year I plant different things. I used to keep a record of which plants did well in which spots, but now I just plant what I want and see how it goes.Continue reading “My Spring Garden”

Grilled Lamb Chops

So, I made Glazed Ham for Easter (quite typical) but my sister Elise made Lamb Chops on the grill, which is a very Spring-y dish. I can just see the little lambs roaming the countryside with the little bunnies, so pastoral. Come to think of it, serving lamb for Easter is kind of depressing, similarContinue reading “Grilled Lamb Chops”

Life is (bitter) Sweet

I need to do a corrections corner! The Last Chance Saloon is NOT CLOSING. I repeat: the Last Chance Saloon (right before you get on the aqua highway to the Keys) is NOT CLOSING. Zeke went there to get a drink last weekend and found this out the hard way. He told the server heContinue reading “Life is (bitter) Sweet”

Simple Roasted Asparagus

Does any vegetable say Spring more than asparagus? I don’t think so and it seems to be a requirement at any Easter meal. This is the recipe I used for our Easter Dinner this year and the one I turn to the most when cooking asparagus. Sometimes, I’ll also grill asparagus or steam it, butContinue reading “Simple Roasted Asparagus”

Home Sweet Home, Miami

Whew! Easter is over and hopefully, all traveling is over for me for a while. This is kind of sacrilegious for me to utter, but between all the places I visited in March and April, I’m exhausted. We went to San Francisco for Lauren’s birthday in March; I’d barely come home when it was timeContinue reading “Home Sweet Home, Miami”

Easter Napkin Folding

Easter is right around the corner! Yikes! How did that happen? I have been traveling a lot lately so want to make it easy on myself for Easter. I bought a Spiral Cut Ham from Whole Foods (on sale) and some Asparagus, which I will roast. Sides will be Scalloped Potatoes (possibly store-bought, depending onContinue reading “Easter Napkin Folding”

Felix’s Chargrilled Oysters

So, I submitted two stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone. The one on my Improve Class called Yes, Please! is on to the final round. The other one, about the first time I tried oysters in New Orleans with my Dad, didn’t get chosen, but it is nearContinue reading “Felix’s Chargrilled Oysters”

Survey Says…

I don’t know what’s been going on lately, but I feel there’s a cosmic shift in the universe. Things have been changing and developing at lightening speed. When I saw the Astro Twins headline “Why are so many changes happening?” it was confirmed for me, in a planet sense. Apparently Saturn has entered Pisces, disturbingContinue reading “Survey Says…”

Oyster Stew for Two

If you happen to find yourself with an excess of fresh oysters, as we did recently, you might want to consider making this easy Oyster Stew. We’d had the oysters raw on the half-shell and grilled with garlic butter and cheese, but I still had a couple dozen left, so what to do? I turnedContinue reading “Oyster Stew for Two”

Foodie in Miami Visits NYC

So, as mentioned in my previous post, the anniversary of our first date was February 7th. When Zeke proposed to me on Christmas Day in 2003, he invited me to New York on this date to go pick out the diamond for my engagement ring. The weather was freezing and I remember walking home fromContinue reading “Foodie in Miami Visits NYC”