Long Lasting Fresh Foods (or how to avoid the grocery store like the plague)

The first time I went shopping at the grocery store during Corona V, I felt like I was on Guy’s Grocery Games, rushing in, headed down the aisles and grabbing stuff off the shelf, zipping to the check out line and getting the heck out of the potential Petri dish and virus filled air. TheContinue reading “Long Lasting Fresh Foods (or how to avoid the grocery store like the plague)”

License to Eat Junk

Sunny Hostin said on The View yesterday, “Well, I ate a whole bag of Funyuns.” “Why are you eating Funyuns, Sunny?” Whoopi, speaking from the social distance of her own home, asked. “I love Funyuns,” Sunny answered, shrugging. Apparently Whoopi was dismayed because she hasn’t been able to find her favorite brand of potato chipsContinue reading “License to Eat Junk”

Support Your Local Cheers: What to do, Where to Eat in South Miami

So, after braving crowds in three supermarkets last week that were uncomfortably crowded, this week we decided to hunker down, stay at home and eat off the land (or our pantry, fridge and freezer). We did order out twice (mostly because the head chef is sick of cooking). We picked up ourselves because UberEats, PostmatesContinue reading “Support Your Local Cheers: What to do, Where to Eat in South Miami”

“How bizarre, how bizarre!”

What a difference a week makes! Last week, I played in a tennis match, picked my grandson up from school, went to the Public library to pick up some books, shopped at Publix with no agenda, got my hair blow dried at my salon and met friends for dinner. We were one of a handfulContinue reading ““How bizarre, how bizarre!””

Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Sometimes we choose when to clean, sometimes it chooses us. Spring doesn’t officially begin until this Friday, but when stuck at home with a Coronavirus Pandemic, it’s the perfect time to Spring Clean Your kitchen. My journey all began with a little spider that happened to live in my pantry with my cake mixes andContinue reading “Spring Clean Your Kitchen”

Spaghetti Sundays

In these trying times- social distancing, monitoring, testing, panic, self imposed isolation- what we need more than anything else is comfort. And when I need comfort, the recipe I turn to, that most reminds me of my childhood and feeling loved, is my grandmother’s pasta sauce. Hopefully everyone has one meal that reminds them ofContinue reading “Spaghetti Sundays”

The Demise of La Dolce Vita

Life living in the shadow of the pandemic coronavirus is weird and keeps getting weirder every day. I never knew I would miss handshakes, hugs, kisses on the cheek and large gatherings. I’m an introvert, but also enjoy socializing, so these normal way-of-life customs (especially in Miami) that are now forbidden, makes me sad. ButContinue reading “The Demise of La Dolce Vita”

Foodie in Miami emerges from the crumbs.

I’m Foodie in Miami, formerly on Wix, now on Word Press. I would say I’m a phoenix rising from the ashes, but that’s cliche and crumbs works better for a food writer/blogger. True to form, I have some pretzel crumbs toasting in the oven for a New York Times cookie recipe claiming to be “almostContinue reading “Foodie in Miami emerges from the crumbs.”