Mango Mania

If you live in Miami, you know that this summer has had a bumper crop of mangoes! The bumper crops seem to alternate years, but 2023 has definitely been prolific. Alas, my own mango tree, with delicious Mallika Indian mangoes, didn’t have a lot of mangoes, perhaps because I recently trimmed it. Quite a fewContinue reading “Mango Mania”

Camponata Appetizer Recipe

My sister Kelley made this appetizer for our last Spaghetti Sunday and she makes it a lot. I’ve made it, but it doesn’t turn out as good (maybe because I don’t use enough oil.) There are several advantages to this recipe, which makes a perfect appetizer for a Pasta Dinner. This recipe, by the way,Continue reading “Camponata Appetizer Recipe”

Blue Glacier Martini

Summer is here! And certain drinks (I’m looking at you Aperol Spritz!) just scream Summer. This one doesn’t necessarily scream summer, but I live in Miami, where it’s an Endless Summer and this citrusy, blue drink is perfect for cooling off after a hot day. They served these Blue Glacier drinks on our Holland AmericaContinue reading “Blue Glacier Martini”

Peanutty Dumpling Salad

So, I made this Peanutty Dumpling Salad months ago and I can’t get it out of my mind. It’s the perfect Springtime dish and, while I love dumplings in all forms, you have to eat a lot to fill you up. This dish, combines salad and veggies with the dumplings, making it seem like aContinue reading “Peanutty Dumpling Salad”

Sparkling Oaks Lily Cocktail

So I was in line at The Kentucky Derby to get a pink drink I’d seen going by called the Lily, as I was sick of the Mint Juleps. Sacrilegious at Churchill Downs, I know! A gentleman in line gave me a hot tip on a horse- #8. I left the long line for drinksContinue reading “Sparkling Oaks Lily Cocktail”

Bucket List Trip

So, freshly back from a trip of a lifetime to the Kentucky Derby! I didn’t want to mention it before, lest I jinx it. It all started at Elise’s Birthday Dinner at Kelley’s where someone mentioned the Kentucky Derby and my Mom said it was on her Bucket List and we all agreed. Kelley saidContinue reading “Bucket List Trip”

Ketchup, I hardly Knew Ya

I often comment in this blog about Mercury Retrograde, a time when the planets align to set communications into flux- disrupting computers, messages, phone calls- etc… but never has it actually linked to a food-related story. That has all changed, as Wendy’s now has a Mercury Retrograde menu! Mercury Retrograde is from April 21st toContinue reading “Ketchup, I hardly Knew Ya”

Ways to be Happy, Part One

I’ve always gobbled up articles on ways to be happy and so I read, with interest, an article in the Sunday Miami Herald– Try One of These Suggestions to make you SMILE. I made a note of the ones I thought I could easily accomplish- drink peppermint tea, go outside, color in a coloring book,Continue reading “Ways to be Happy, Part One”