Best Asian Eats in Miami

When I posted a photo of my Spicy Ramen Noodles with Pork Meatballs on my Instagram, someone recommended trying OHHO Noodles if I didn’t want to go to all the trouble to make that dish. I love OHHO noodles, as well as these other Asian Restaurants in Miami. Chinese Oh, how I miss you NewContinue reading “Best Asian Eats in Miami”

Easy Teriyaki

In a pinch, I’ll use the pre-made Kikkoman’s Teriyaki Sauce bottle with the lei on the front and the orange top. However, teriyaki sauce is SO EASY (only four ingredients) and takes less than five minutes, that it’s really quicker to make it, than a trip to the store. And a look at some ofContinue reading “Easy Teriyaki”

Asian? Favorite!

I feel most people, when asked to pick their favorite food, would say Italian. Although I have Italian heritage (13.9% to be exact) and I grew up eating my grandmother’s pasta sauce every Sunday, Italian food isn’t my favorite food to eat, especially when I dine out. My favorite cuisine is Asian, hands (and chopsticks)Continue reading “Asian? Favorite!”

Best Bites of TOK 2022

The 13th Tour of Kitchens took place on Saturday, March 5th, 2022. The Tour is over, but the taste lingers on. The tour, which is a fundraiser for the Coral Gables Community Foundation, isn’t about the food “per se”, but if you’re a foodie like moi, it is a highlight of the tour. I wasContinue reading “Best Bites of TOK 2022”

Essential Kitchen Tools under $20

A lot of kitchen items cost an arm and a leg- Cutco Knives, Kitchen Aid Standing Mixers and Cuisinart Food Processors. While all these high-end items are essential to my kitchen, there are also some very affordable workhorses, that I couldn’t live without. So here’s my list of inexpensive, but essential, kitchen tools. All areContinue reading “Essential Kitchen Tools under $20”

Easy Chicken Mole

I mentioned in my last Foodie in Miami post that mole is difficult to make, with a long list of ingredients, so when I made it recently, I just used mole out of a jar (Dona Maria.) That is true, but I did find a relatively easy Mole Recipe that is quite delicious, only takesContinue reading “Easy Chicken Mole”

History of Joy

If you’ve never taken a Historic Tour with Dr. Paul George, noted historian and Miami gem, you owe it to yourself to do so. So often times we live in a place for a long time and never explore and appreciate the history around us. I recently took a Miami River Cruise (a Christmas gift)Continue reading “History of Joy”

Meet Your New Best Friend- Mr. Freezer

Even though we are OFFICIALLY an EMPTY NEST, both of my freezers- inside and out in the garage- are filled to the brim with contents. It’s always been this way, but even more so now that we’re alone. That’s because there are so many items that exist best in the freezer. It’s not just forContinue reading “Meet Your New Best Friend- Mr. Freezer”

Bring me My Flowers While I’m Living

Barbara Corcoran, the petite blonde of Shark Tank fame, celebrated her 70th birthday by staging her own funeral in 2019. She invited friends to her New York penthouse, where they encountered her lying in a coffin, wearing a red dress. A rabbi gave remarks about her; after guests paid their respects, she jumped out ofContinue reading “Bring me My Flowers While I’m Living”

New York Times Most-Loved Recipes of 2021

So, this is a little late but the New York Time’s Food Section published “The Year’s Most-Loved Recipes” in December of 2021. They publish this every year and since there’s no way I could try ALL the recipes they publish in the Food section (which Zeke picks up for me on Wednesdays), this end-of-the-year listContinue reading “New York Times Most-Loved Recipes of 2021”