Best Miami Bites of 2022

It’s fun to look back at the year that’s about to end and remember all the wonderful meals eaten. Not all my meals were eaten in Miami, as we traveled to Charleston, New York, Hawaii and San Francisco this year, but this article is centered on food from my hometown- the 305- since this is a “Foodie in Miami” post.

These are in chronological order of when I ate the dishes, starting in January of 2022. No descriptions given, as a picture speaks a thousand words. Here are my Best Bites in Miami for 2022.

  • Spicy Chicken Ramen from InRamen (January)
  • Filet Mignon Sandwich from Josh’s Premium Meats on the Tour of Kitchens (March)
  • Fried Bird’s Nest Cake with Roast Pork and Green Tea and Duck Dumplings from Kon Chau Chinese (April)
  • Passionfruit Creme Brulee from Lan Pan Asian (June)
  • Papaya Salad from Lung Yai Thai Tapas (June)
  • White Truffle Garlic Bread from North Italia (June)
  • Sourdough Pancake with Honey Miso Butter from Zitz Sum (August)
  • Truffle Rakakat with Roasted Grapes from Amal (October)
  • Spinach Croquetta from Tinta Y Cafe (October)

Ghee Roasted Plantains and White Truffle & Brie Sandwich at Mamey (November)

  • Alambre Hawaiano from Morelia Taqueria (December)

Price was not a factor in picking these Miami Best Bites. Some of the more expensive restaurants I visited were very enjoyable, with an inviting atmosphere, but didn’t serve any stand-out dishes that linger in the memory at year end. Others, like this last dish, were inexpensive, but left a lasting impression. This last dish, Alambre, is a Mexican dish served in a restaurant that was actually attached to a gas station in Florida City!

Up Next: The New Year!

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Born and raised in Miami, the daughter of a pilot and stay-at-home Mom, I love food in all forms. My great grandfather opened the first Italian restaurant in Miami in the 20's, The Boathouse on the Miami river. I love exploring my heritage and linking food and recipes to personal stories. I've been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Food and Love and wrote restaurant reviews and news as the Miami Dining Examiner for three years. I love exploring Miami's latest hot spots, hole in the walls and institutions. I'm always looking for innovative ways to use the plethora of tropical fruits and vegetables South Florida offers, especially from my own garden.

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