Ready for Green Lights!

Last week was kind of a s**t show for me, full of missed communications and technical difficulties and it wasn’t even Mercury Retrograde!

Monday I waited around for ADT ALL DAY. They were supposed to come between 1 and 5 and, at 6 p.m., I called ADT to cancel. I told them the technician had never showed up and didn’t even call or text to say he’d be late. Right then, of course, ADT pulled up into the driveway. He did the needed repairs and it was free, since I had to wait so long.

Wednesday we went to the Keys to measure our washer/dryer and order a new one. It’s 30 years old, but of course Zeke wanted to see if we could fix it, but I was getting nervous since we have renters coming in January and with the supply chain, yada, yada, yada & appliances on backorder, I thought sooner was better than later.

It was a nice break to our “little slice of Paradise.” We had dinner at Sharkeys, which was more enjoyable on a weeknight, when it was quiet. We watched the CMA’s, spent the night and headed out the next morning, since we both had meetings.

Halfway down to Miami, I realized I’d left my cell phone in the Keys. When I got home, I checked my e-mail for the address of a house I was supposed to be at by 11:30. The time had gotten changed to 11 and I’d been texted, but- no phone. It was already 10:36, so I dressed like a mad woman and headed over.

I couldn’t use my GPS to find the address, because- no phone, so instead relied on my innate navigational skills, which are awful. Luckily, it was an easy address and I pulled in at the same time as the other Villagers. We were visiting a house that will be on the Home Tour in December and I was invited because I’m helping to write the brochure.

Normally, I would have taken LOTS of photos, but I didn’t have my camera, (aka phone) so I furiously wrote notes as we toured the wonderful home on North Greenway. My notes looked like chicken scratch and then I ran home, ate lunch and headed to my Improv Class at U.M., through OLLI.

You have to pay to park there and of course, it’s through an app on your phone. I parked against the back wall and prayed I wouldn’t get a ticket. Luckily, I didn’t, but, by this time I realized there was no way I could go another day without my cell phone.

Back in the day, I’d initially been reluctant to purchase a cell phone (more like a brick) and took even longer to come around to texting. How things have changed! Now, obviously, I couldn’t live without my phone. I drove to the Keys, relieved to find I’d left my phone in the kitchen. Unfortunately, my Kendall tenant had sent me many messages about a leak in his apartment, regarding mold and imminent disaster. There are some advantages to being off the grid!

And my potential renters for the Keys were threatening to back out because The Sanctuary requires so much paperwork for renters. I wanted to say: “Don’t kill the messenger”, but we should’ve known we were in trouble when they required our dog’s DNA to reside there.

You know when you have days/weeks where everything goes perfectly and all is right with the world? My week- last week- was the opposite of that. It was also crazy busy. But, by the age of 62, I know, that’s just life- with the ebbs and flows it contains and eventually it will go the other way.

I got to watch Wyatt and Phoenix Friday, since it was Veteran’s Day and there was no school. Phoenix, now one and a half, is a one-man wrecking ball! And poor Wyatt, used to being the center of attention, felt neglected. He wanted to: play Clue, make cookies and go swimming, all activities I had to shoot down, because Phoenix requires my undivided attention.

Phoenix is into cars these days- anything with wheels fascinates him.

He’s at a really cute age right now.

said A..J.

I had to laugh, because she’s said that many times, at many stages, about Phoenix and she said the same thing about Wyatt. And he is at a cute stage, but I love that fact that I can actually have conversations with Wyatt. And we’ve started reading Charlotte’s Web, one of my favorite books, taking turns reading it. A.J. and I had read it together when she was little and it’s nice to carry on the tradition & Wyatt’s reading is really coming along.

I held a Cooking Class for two friends- Anne and Denise- on Sunday afternoon. We were together Friday night, talking about my Aunt Josie and her gnocchi recipe and Denise suggested I do a cooking class. I made a trip to my favorite grocery store- Trader Joe’s– and got everything ready for their arrival at 1.

While Denise had learned how to make my Aunt Josie’s Eggplant Parmesan from the Master (aka Josie), she’d never made Pickled Eggplant, so we made that first. We then whipped up a quick Pesto recipe (James Beard) and then made the Gnocchi. Kelley and I couldn’t find the recipe, but we did remember it was 1/1/1. One cup of four, one cup of ricotta and 1 egg, with a pinch of salt and pepper and a dash of nutmeg.

It all turned out great and I made little samples of the food we made for them to take home. Anne didn’t want me to take a photo of her because she doesn’t like photos and –

Then you’re going to put it on your blog.

said Anne.

Yes, Anne, I am. That is the price you pay for a cooking class with Foodie in Miami! LOL.

Last week was a disaster, but I’m waiting for this week to be all green lights! A medium I visited in Cassadega (psychic city in Florida) last year told me that when I turn 64, everything I wanted was going to come my way. Only a year to go!

Up Next: Aunt Josie’s Gnocchi Recipe

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