Miami Spice is BACK!

The Heat is on!

Glenn Frey

So, it’s that wonderful time of year again- Miami Spice.

Not so wonderful to be walking around outside in Miami, because it’s humid as heck (my mushrooms are growing mushrooms), but wonderful if you’re looking for a reasonably priced meal at normally unreasonably-priced restaurants. Last year- that s**t show of 2020- I didn’t eat one Miami Spice meal, since we weren’t eating out. This year, I definitely plan on trying some restaurants when I return from a short trip in August.

I normally keep a list of restaurants I want to try during the year and then map out a plan for the months of Miami Spice (August and September). Sometimes I go for dinner, sometimes for lunch, sometimes with friends, sometimes with family. You definitely need to check the website for what days/meals the restaurants are serving Miami Spice. Next up, check out the Miami Spice menus, because they vary in quality and excitement from restaurant to restaurant. Lastly, when you go, you may have to request a Miami Spice menu because, for some reason, they are frequently not handed out to diners.

This year there are 114 restaurants participating in Miami Spice, down from a high of more than 200 in the past. I’m fine with that, because the amount of restaurants some years was simply overwhelming! Prices have crept up as well, with lunch starting at $28 a person and $42 for dinner for a three-course meal. This, of course, doesn’t include drinks and there are often up-charges for some dishes. I don’t usually do the up-charges, since I think it defeats the purpose of Miami Spice.

Here are some restaurants I hope to try on Miami Spice this year.

  • Cafe La Trova, Little Havana
  • Le Zoo Restaurant, Bal Harbour
  • Mignonette, Downtown Miami
  • Planta Queen, Coconut Grove
  • Pubbelly Sushi, Dadeland
  • Public Square, Coral Gables
  • Tur Kitchen, Coral Gables

Here are some restaurants that I’ve already tried for Miami Spice that I recommend.

  • Bulla Gastrobar (different locations)
  • The Bazaar by Jose Andres, South Beach
  • Bourbon Steak, Aventura
  • Fiola, Coral Gables
  • Glass and Vine, Coconut Grove
  • Jaguar Restaurant, Coconut Grove
  • Scarpetta, Miami Beach
  • Seasons 52, Coral Gables
  • Tigertail + Mary, Coconut Grove
  • Zucca Restaurant, Coral Gables

And here are some restaurants I want to try for Miami Spice that are on Miami Beach, which is a whole other category. My husband and I rarely go to Miami Beach- between the exorbitant parking, the side show of people strolling the streets and the hike from our home- it’s just not our jam. The one exception is in August and September, because a lot of the restaurants I want to check out for Miami Spice are located there. I guess that’s what Uber was invented for.

  • Drunken Dragon, South Beach
  • Orange Blossom, South Beach
  • Pao by Paul Qui at Faena, Miami Beach
  • Stiltsville Fish Bar, South Beach
  • Stubborn Seed, South Beach
  • Sweet Liberty, South Beach

If any of my faithful Foodie In Miami readers are interested in doing a Miami Spice, message me and let’s get our Spice on!

P.S. If you’re checking out Yelp reviews, I’ve written a lot (84) under Gina G. from my recent travels.

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