Wicked Good Eats at Quincy Market

We landed in Boston on our way to Maine, so we decided to try some culinary treats at Quincy Market. Quincy Market is known as a Tourist Trap, and I guess it is. It was refurbished by the same group that did Bayside in Miami, but I had fond memories of visiting there when I was a flight attendant for Air Florida. We parked in a lot nearby, paying a price that makes parking at South Beach look like a bargain. Oh well!

The last time Christopher had been in Boston was when I took him there on his 13th birthday and he remembered getting clam chowder in a bread bowl, so our first stop was for Clam Chowder at the Boston Chowda Company. Chris and I got clam, Courtney got the healthier seafood with a tomato-based broth. The creamy clam chowder was good, with chunks of tender potatoes and clams. I had an emergency bottle of Tabasco hidden in my purse to spice it up. Courtney enjoyed her seafood chowder.

Clam Chowder at the Boston Chowda Company.

We made the rounds, walking up and down Quincy Market with its beautiful dome in the middle, to decide what to eat. I remembered hearing carolers singing from the second story one December, during my Air Florida days. There was an Oyster House that looked tempting (we all love oysters) but we figured we’d have lots of chances to eat them at less expensive prices.

Courtney circled back to the beginning for a hot dog- a Boston Barker– at the Doghouse. She proclaimed her hot dog “really good.”

Once I saw the sign on Regina Pizzeria for “Best Pizza in America”, the dare was on and I had to try it. I got a slice of their Mushroom Pizza, but Christopher’s Pepperoni Pizza was freshly made and looked and smelled delicious. We both really liked this pizza, with a thin, almost-cracker like crust that let the toppings, including fresh mozzarella, shine. It’s also the official pizza of the Boston Red Sox and what I saw most of the people in Quincy Market munching on, so it gets the seal of approval from Bostonians.

For dessert Courtney got a Raspberry Gelato from Joey’s Gelateria that she had heard about on a You Tube video. Unfortunately, you had to get more than one scoop, so she got mango as well. The scarlet colored raspberry gelato served in a cup was amazing! Fresh, full of raspberry flavor and delicious. The Mango Gelato wasn’t as good, a little on the sweet side. The raspberry would go well paired with vanilla ice cream instead.

Our last stop was to get a Whoopie Pie and a Cannoli to go from the North End Bakery. The North End of Boston, not far from where Quincy Market, is known as “Little Italy.” Chris and Courtney had heard about the whoopie pies there- a New England favorite of soft, pillowy chocolate cake with a fluffy, marshmellowy interior- so we got one to go.

We took the baked goods back to our resort in Kennebunkport, Maine. I can’t really attest to how good the Whoopie Pie was since I ate it late at night, after a couple glasses of wine, but it seemed pretty good at the time and lasted more than one day.

So, if you happen to stop by Quincy Market, I would recommend the Pizza at Regina Pizzeria, the Raspberry Gelato at Joey’s Gelateria and the Whoopie Pie at North End Bakery. You may get these items served with an extra helping of attitude, depending on the staff working, but remember you’re in Boston.

Sweet Little Liam didn’t get to try any of the Good Eats at Quincy Market.

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