Good to Go!

The question on everyone’s lips these days is: “Did you get the vaccine yet?”

Now, luckily, I can answer “Yes!” I got my first Pfizer vaccine recently at CVS (actually located inside a Navarro, which is apparently owned by CVS) and it was very easy. I made the appointment online, Wazed my way there, parked and checked in at the front of the store. They didn’t ask me for my I.D. or Insurance card, but just told me to wait in a seat at the back of the store. As I waited, I thought how lucky I was to finally be getting the COVID vaccine. After about two minutes, my name was called, I got my painless shot and a white card telling me when to come back for my second vaccine.

Am I good to go?

I asked the CVS shot-giver.

She told me to stick around for 15 minutes to make sure I didn’t have any adverse effects. I shopped for a bit, then left. My only side effect was a slightly sore left arm. In the state of Florida, COVID vaccines are now available for those 60 and under with underlying medical conditions. Zeke got his Friday- the Moderna. Even though we both need our second shots (and they really aren’t fully effective until 2 weeks later), I breathed a huge sigh of relief. After a year of this s**t, Finally, finally!

I had a busy week of tennis, Zoom meetings, Happy Hours, lunches and dinners.

Chris and Courtney are all moved into their new little house in South Miami and on Wednesday I babysat Liam from 9:30 to 5:30. As I was leaving, Christopher complained I was working Banker’s hours, but I felt I’d done my Gigi duty. They were supposed to have a Yard Sale on Saturday, since their new house is smaller than their old one, but they weren’t able to get the permit in time, so it will be next Saturday. Christopher Face- Timed me on Saturday showing me angry people gathered outside Saturday morning, waiting for the sale to start. Oh well!It’s so nice to have them only 5 minutes away, instead of 8 hours, although I do miss seeing Liam’s sweet little face each morning.

On Friday I picked up Wyatt from school. I normally bring him a sippy cup of apple juice and milk (I know it sounds disgusting but it’s his drink of choice) but since I’d come from another appointment, I didn’t have it. I told him I would take him to Riviera instead to get a treat and a drink.

As we walked by the pool, I mentioned he might be tall enough to ride down the pool slide. When he tried to go down it before, he was turned away for being too short. He walked up the steps to the top of the slide, sliding by bunches of little kids in dripping swimsuits; I was worried he might slip. He got to the top and positioned himself confidently under the measuring stick. Some older kid said: “It doesn’t count because you’ve got your shoes on.” I resisted my grandmotherly urge to go up and give this brat a piece of my mind, but heard the lifeguard say “You’re good to go buddy!”

Wyatt walked down the steps, triumphant. I gave him a high five at the bottom of the steps. “I’m old enough!” he said. “You’re tall enough,” I corrected. He celebrated with chocolate ice cream and a lemonade. I know those flavors don’t go together either, but it’s what he wanted.

Speaking of ice cream, I received a wonderful ice cream cookbook in the mail from friends Gema and Rogelio called The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. I am obsessed with this cookbook and want to try so many of the recipes in it. So far, I’ve made Caramel Crack ice cream for a Chicken and Dumpling Birthday dinner for Emory, a Coffee ice cream (made by steeping coffee beans in the cream) for a dinner at Brooks and Sharon’s house Saturday night and an Aztec “Hot” Chocolate Ice Cream for dinner Sunday night with Emma and Gui. All have been wonderful, but I can’t imagine this ice cream diet is going to be good for my waistline, so I’ve been trying to give samples away.

But hey, it’s time to celebrate!

While I know some people are dubious about getting the COVID vaccine (as I was at first), I am now “all in”. I’m sick of being fearful of my fellow man, tired of having to cross the street while walking in my neighborhood to avoid fellow walkers, tired of staying six feet behind fellow shoppers in Publix, tired of being afraid to eat inside at restaurants and not being able to go to concerts or sporting events. Heck, I even miss going to church (and I’m not a church-goer)! I’m just ready for this whole thing to be over, so I will do my part and get vaccinated. I’m not saying I want a universal group hug… well, maybe that is exactly what I am saying.

I’m old enough (for the vaccine) and since I got my first shot, I’m also “Good to go!” Almost, anyway. By the first week of April I will be. Celebrations, champagne and more ice cream flavors to sample will be in order.

Mexican Hot Chocolate and Coffee Ice Cream from The Perfect Scoop.

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